First Energy's acoustic enclosures are fully welded rigid construction built onto a structural steel sub-frame which fully supports the generator. Incorporating a removable air inlet attenuator, sized to allow the complete generator to be skated in (or back out) easily. The fully welded construction provides a sealed containment, preventing any fluid leakage from escaping.

The enclosures are designed to allow the completed package to be a single lift, typically 50 tonnes or more; and with roof mounted exhaust gas silencers and cooling water radiators this can greatly reduce site installation time.


Fitted with double and single access doors with high efficiency seals and emergency crash bars. Engine maintenance runway beams, trolly’s and chainblocks. LED high intensity lighting and industrial power sockets for the maintenance engineers.

Forced ventilation is provided by the installation of the variable speed driven fans and temperature control. Separate control area to one end of the enclosure, acoustically isolated from the generator, which contains the control and power panels, 400 volt distribution, motor controls, fire and gas detection panels.

Our standard construction comprises a fully welded profiled steel outer skin, high density soundboard, air gap and rockwool, finished with a perforated Zintec inner skin.