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Service & Overhaul

Even if you own and run a power plant that is not one of ours, we will happily service, maintain or overhaul it. We undertake all stages of scheduled service work right through to ‘top-end’ and major overhauls, upgrades, retrofits and re-engineered applications. Our team has worked with almost every brand of engine-generator over the years so we are able to help you rejuvenate, revitalise or even re-apply your power generation asset into a new commercial life cycle!

Surface conditioning

Where others promote replacement, First Energy promotes the potential to save and repair through extended component life. Using advanced surface conditioning techniques, non-abrasive, non-erosive cleansing, First Energy, in conjunction with our partner Vapormatt, can de-carbonise, de-oxidise, de-siloxinate and de-glaze combustion parts promoting the potential for re-use or extended life.