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Controls and Remote Monitoring

First Energy specialises in complete power plant control systems for new projects as well as upgrades and retrofits. We offer tailored solutions with quality system panel design and build. Installed, re-engineered, re-applied and re-commissioned all under one roof; no need to multi-manage. We promote the value of Remote Monitoring technologies to improve energy fleet awareness, operational control and diagnostics.

Fitted solutions – As part of the design and specification stage of the build, we can design, build, install and commission bespoke plant control and monitoring systems. We use the ComAp, Motortech and Heugli family of engine, generator and plant control hardware. Our passion for developments in engine and power plant management, future-proofs your asset, creates stability of performance, and provides global diagnostics and remote monitoring potential.

Re-visualise, re-gain control and transform – the need to rationalise operations coupled with an energy fleet with legacy controls reduces visibility, information, effectivenss and performance of your generation assets. First Energy offers cost effective retrofit visualisation, control and monitoring solutions for your energy assets in association with our partner Dexdyne. Together we fit systems that provide global management dashboards accessing and manipulating distributed plant operating data into meaningful performance indicators for your energy businesses; KW’s; KW-Hrs; Thermal Energy; Efficiency; Availability; Utilisation; MTBF; MTBO – all potentially at your fingertips.