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Combined Cycle


The use of Combined Heat and Power, or cogeneration, is now an internationally recognised aspiration of utilities and the commercial, industrial, agricultural and waste-to-energy sectors. In traditional engine generators, more than half of all power is lost as excess heat, and so by capturing it, CHP uses this energy that would be otherwise be wasted in a conventional power plant, potentially reaching efficiencies of over 80%. Utilising the heat energy from generation saves the CO2 that would otherwise be generated from making heat in isolation. 

Let First Energy help you make these savings that in turn will help the environment. 

Examples of our CHP units can be found in many businesses and sectors from farm anaerobic digesters to sewage works, the gas industry, biofuels, healthcare, leisure, education, hotels and local authorities.


CHPC, or Trigeneration, augments traditional cogeneration with the utilization of further waste heat to make 'cool’. CHPC systems can attain higher overall efficiencies than cogeneration with the added benefit of being ideally suited to large building service system as well as dairy and food production industries. First Energy will engineer the best trigeneration solutions into your energy network.