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Renewable Energy

The need to harness energy from waste for conversion to usable renewable power is an international aspiration. The extraction of gaseous and liquid fuels from waste, agriculture, food, landfill, and mines adds to our renewable diversity. First Energy has the experience to capture and convert bio-gas and bio-fuel sources into useable renewable electrical energy generation.

Landfill Gas

There are many issues that come with landfill gas energy. The quality of the gas and its capture is dependent on many factors. LFG generation needs to deal with these fluctuations and the inherent contaminants in the fuel. As well as packaging generators to surpass emission standards and acoustic performace legislated for by local and national government, First Energy can also provide advice, selection criteria,  procurement and incorporation of gas inlet and exhaust treatment solutions to remove impurities such as H2S, Siloxanes, Nitrates and VOC’s.


Advanced Conversion Technologies have increased the commercial desire to produce electricity from biomass and bio-waste; poor energy conversion efficiencies have promoted enhancements in technologies that favour their conversion to biogas and biodiesel.  We design and build highly efficient generator packages to use these advanced resource fuels. 

Anaerobic Digestion

For over 100 years Anaerobic Digestion has been an established process in the sewage industry. Today this renewable form of energy conversion is an increasing part in our portfolio.

Our work with partner companies has been centred on the need to make the most efficient use of biomass through engineering Combined Heat and Power solutions as a route to enhanced financial, operational, environmental and legislative benefits. At First Energy our specialist team will be able to help you understand each of these benefits and design a specific power package to maximise your energy investment.

Mines Gas and Coal Bed Methane

Methane gas is often a by-product of coal extraction. There are three types of gas derived from the mining industry and at First Energy we have gas generation solutions suitable for all.

 - In virgin coal seams, Coal Seam Gas (CSG) or Coal Bed Methane (CBM)

 - In working and disused mines, Coal mine methane (CMM)

Gas from each of these may be suitable for the production of electrical power and if applicable, cogeneration (CHP&C). First Energy develop power plants to deal with these varied gases and has the experience to help you realise complete solutions.

Sewage Gas

With major waste water utility experience, First Energy knows how to design and install CHP to comply with the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES). With new generation advanced digesters, First Energy is ready to assist in expansions or upgrades of sewage-gas power schemes anywhere.